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panzeri logo square thumbnail 2019-06-24 Market News - by Panzeri Lighting Magazine - A Story by Panzeri and Matteo Thun The video that invites change and simplicity, presenting the Firefly in the Sky and Tubino lamps.   ‘Light and Shapes’ is also the name of the catalog which, in addition to ‘Firefly in the sky’ and ‘Tubino’, contains all of Panzeri’s innovations for 2019. panzeri logo square thumbnail 2019-04-15 Market News - by Panzeri Light Magazine - The Details of Panzeri Products Timeless and contemporary: the innovations inspired by the research for the shape essence, always looking to tradition.   BELLA, DESIGN BY ENZO PANZERI The careful study of miniaturization of the technology is the key to Bella’s extraordinary compactness. The table and wall versionsare supplied with STEP DIM control with 5 intensity of light settings. As small as per forming, Bella is a contemporary disc of light which of fers high per formance in minimum space. White, black, titanium, bronze and mat brass finishes are available. The suspension version has a fixed head with central tige, it lends to original configurations in which elements that dif fuse direct light alternate with those with indirect emission.   FIREFLY IN THE SKY, DESIGN BY MATTEO THUN Firefly in the sky is a tiny lamp with a massive impact. Magnetic coupling head system• Rechargeable battery via USB-C• LED source• Step DIM control with 5 light intensity settings• Anti-theft mechanism for public use is available on request• Finishes: white, black, bronze, champagne and titanium.    TUBINO, DESIGN BY MATTEO THUN The approach? A stick becomes a torch, recalling the ancient way of sparking light. The challenge? Design a series that is a about simplicity and that assures durability. The essentiality of Tubino is the result of the search for balance and proportionality between cylinders.    ZERO SHAPES, DESIGN BY ENZO PANZERI  Zero Shapes is a family of light profiles composed of Zero Ellipse, Zero Round (now also in Ver tical) and Zero Square.     From the installation of the single shape to the suspension of several lighting fixtures in relation to each other, the range ofconfigurations has no limits.     A thin light profile, expression of a design aimed at combining functionality and emotion with an incredible lightness.    ZIGAZAG, DESIGN BY JASON BIRD ZigZag combines suitable illumination to be used as task lighting in of fices, with sound absorbing proper ties to improve acoustics in open spaces. A simple and recognizable shape that maximizes the sound absorption sur face and reduces the direct reflection of sound waves.One meter module with direct and PET sound absorbing material is available in the charcoal color. Light gray, dark blue, emerald green or orange colors available on request for contract.    ELY EMY EVY, DESIGN BY SILVIA POMA  Suspension lamps in satin blown glass, characterized by the treatment of glass according to ancient decoration techniques: Rigadin, Balloton, and Ballotondo. Canopy in matt brass.      “Light and Shapes” is this and much more. Consult the complete catalog of 2019 novelties. eelectron logo square thumbnail 2018-11-12 Product News - New Analog / Digital KNX Module 8 IN - 4 OUT LED NEW ANALOG / DIGITAL MODULE 8 IN – 4 OUT LED   We are glad to announce the new AD84C01KNX   Features:  8 Digital Inputs or 4 Digital Inputs & 4 Analog Inputs – up to 4 temperature probes or up to 4 thermostats 4 LED Outputs 5 Logics Virtual Holder (Automatic detection function)   For further information:product description AD84C01KNX panzeri logo square thumbnail 2018-11-07 Market News - by Panzeri Light Magazine - Designer Lighting Award DESIGNER LIGHTING: AWARD WINNING LAMPS     The Panzeri design lamps most appreciated by international experts. Certain lamps have something special that captivates and captures the attention of both non-expert observers and connoisseurs, such as lighting and interior designers. This is what happens to some of our lamps, appreciated in countries with very different cultures and tastes. These are objects that unite. Acknowledgments and awards that they have received confirm it. Here are our designer lighting products that have been able to create consensus among some of the most influential communities of experts in this field.     ALDECIMO AlDecimo is the wall lamp designed by Carmen Ferrara (who also designed the wall and ceiling lamp, ‘Carmen‘) and engineered by Enzo Panzeri. We presented it at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, for Euroluce 2017, and these are the awards it received for its design: Nomination for the ‘German Design Award’ 2019. ‘Honourable Mention‘ at Red Dot 2018. Archiproducts Design Awards 2017. ‘Decorative Wall Lighting product of the year’ at Light Middle East 2017. Watch the video about AlDecimo.     VIISI Viisi is the pendant lamp and floor lamp designed by the designers Gio Minelli and Marco Fossati. The idea of the form is inspired by the javelin of athletics. The quality of its design has been recognized by: Nomination for ‘German Design Award’ 2019. ‘Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018’. This lamp was used in the following 3 projects:  Private villa at Diano d’Alba Latvian Shipping Company Rountos Wooden Floor Watch the video about Viisi.     JACKIE Jackie is a table and floor lamp, in wall and in spotlight version, created from an intuition of Enzo Panzeri. This concrete, harmonic, essential lamp was created without superfluous superstructures when the inspiration of a moment was fixed on paper. Jackie is our lamp that has received the most official acknowledgements to date: ‘Special Mention’ at German Design Award 2016. IF Design Award 2016. Good Design Award 2016. Finalist at Premio Delta ADI 2016. Watch the video about Jackie.     RINGS We presented the first Rings (Golden Ring) at Euroluce 2015. The success of these rings of light led us to make variations (Silver Ring and Planet Ring) which together form a family of designer lamps among the best-selling and popular in our product portfolio. We have also created a special publication as a source of inspiration for the use of these lamps – a Moodboard that collects some of the most successful combinations of a timeless form. This is the acknowledgement received by the Rings from the panel of international experts of the German Design Council: Nomination at German Design Award 2017.   This lamp was used in the following 3 projects: FoodLoft Milan National library of Oslo Law office in Genoa     Discover all our designer lamps, and read the list and the technical sheets of the indoor and the outdoor ones. eelectron logo square thumbnail 2018-10-18 Product News - 9025 Thermostat Awarded with Iconic Awards 2018 9025 THERMOSTAT/HUMIDISTAT AWARDED WITH ICONIC AWARDS 2018: INNOVATIVE ARCHITECTURE     We are proud to announce another international recognition for the Eelectron 9025 KNX range  thermostat. The German Design Council has awarded the 9025 thermostat / humidistat with the ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture – Selection.Architecture. Interior. Product. Communication. Concept – fully integrated: ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture is an international architecture and design competition focused on the interaction between disciplines. This recognition enhances visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication in all sectors of architecture, the construction and real estate business and the manufacturing industries. The focus is on holistic production and interaction between the trades in the context of architecture.    9025 thermostat is a KNX room temperature controller that includes 7 configurable capacitive buttons for on / off, dimming, rolling shutters and venetian controls, scene recall and control, object sequences, local thermostat controls, etc. It’s equipped with a 2 stage thermostat with integrated PI controller to control heating and cooling equipments, valves, 2 and 4 pipes fan coils etc .. The device has an embedded temperature sensor and a rear 2 poles connector, configurable as digital or analog input; It’s also possible to connect an additional NTC temperature probe (eelectron codes TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC – not included) to perform a direct temperature measurement. Discover more on the eelectron official website